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Who Killed Lucy Beale

Well the saying “Eastenders, everyone’s talking about it” is defiantly the case this week. We have had 10 months of suspense and in todays live episode we will FINALLY find out who killed her.

My bet is on Ben.

There are several suspect which include Ian, Denise, her brother Peter, Abbey, Max, or even Lee Carter. The bookies favourite is on Bobby and Jane covered it up.

Some say it could have even been nasty Nick Cotton.

Who every it was we will all be waiting with baited breath to find out who it was and their motives.

Lets hope there are no more mess ups with their lines in tonight’s live show as last night Tanya called Ian by his real name of Adam. The fear that was in her face as she said it was very amusing.

If it does get a bit emotional please don’t forget you can always purchase some tissues form our cleaning shop, to wipe away the tears from tonight’s dramatic episode.


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