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Tygris One Wipe Heavy Duty Industrial Wipes 1×110 wipes per tub

£7.27 plus VAT


Tygris One Wipe is a heavy duty industrial wiper that can be used to clean a wide variety of things


Can be used to clean grease & oil, silicones & sealents, expanding foam, paints & epoxies, adhesives & more

Can also be used as a hand wipe

The Tygris OneWipe has been specifically developed for use by professionals in all trades. These large, strong and absorbent wipes contain a powerful heavy-duty cleaner which is proven to remove tough stuff whilst remaining safe for use on hands.

OneWipe contains a lanolin based moisturiser which conditions the skin preventing dryness and cracking. No rinsing of hands is required making the OneWipe not only an excellent safe cleaner but also a convenient essential for tradesmen

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