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Nukeeper NKT1 Housekeeping Trolley x 1

£590.22 plus VAT



 The NuKeeper Twin Series is a genuine exercise in downsizing from the outside without downsizing from the inside.

Following on from our NKS (Single) series the NuKeeper Twin Series (NKT) remains compact in proportion whilst big on capacity. Constructed using a heavy-duty whilst lightweight Structofoam chassis. Every detail is considered with the environment and user in mind… Flexi-Front enclosure, rotating side buffers to protect walls and twin storage shelves.

Compact in size… big on storage.

• Compact Design – Easy to store and manoeuvre when space is at a premium.

• Structofoam Construction – The heavy duty Structofoam base is strong and resistant to scratches and dents.

• Non-marking Rotating Buffers – Protects walls and doors from bumps and scrapes.

• Flexi-front Storage Cover – Easy and compact access for when space is at a premium.

• 100 Litre Linen Bag – Large capacity dirty linen storage.

• Twin Storage Shelves – Perfect for storing large amounts of linen and supplies.

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