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V-Tuf H-Class Midi Dust Extractor 110VOLT x 1 - 499.99(ex)  599.99(inc)
V-Tuf H-Class Midi Dust Extractor 110VOLT x 1
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1 x Deb Chrome Effect Dispenser PROCHROME x 1 litre
1 x Deb Children's Dispenser 'Mr Soapy Soap' 1L x1 MSS1LDS
1 x Deb Children's Dispenser 'Now Wash Your Hands' 1L x1 WYH1LDS
1 x Deb White Dispenser WHB1LDS 1 x 1litre
1 x 400 mm Polyscrub Scrubbing Brush Numatic x1
1 x 400mm Union Mix Polishing Brush Numatic x1
1 x 360mm Nuloc Pad Drive Board Numatic x1
1 x ServoClean Graphite SCG1705 Mopping Trolley x1
1 x ServoClean Graphite SCG1405 Mopping Trolley x1
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VersaClean System Kit SGA1
VersaClean System Kit SGA1
102.85(ex)  123.42(inc)

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