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Jeremy Clarkson In trouble Again

Poor Jeremy Clarkson, not matter how hard he tries trouble just seams to follow him.

This time he allegedly tried to punch one of the producers of Top Gear as there was no food for him when he had been out all day filming Top Gear.  I for one wouldn’t get in the way of a hungry man.

There are mixed feelings about what should happen to him. I for one think hitting someone isn’t the answer but there are always two sides to every story, and as it stands we have only heard one side of the story.

The BBC said that Clarkson is suspended “Following a fracas with a BBC producer, Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended pending an investigation”.

James May said it had been blown out of all proportion.

I wonder if another celeb had acted in the same way as Clarkson, would it be all over the news & papers.

If like me your really upset that Top Gear will not be on this Sunday you may need some Tissues form our cleaning shop to wipe away the tears of boredom this Sunday night.

You never know Clarkson might go to Channel five and host their failing show 5th Gear.


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